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    About Us

    Qingdao Kexin New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a development and sales company specializing in azo initiators, textile auxiliaries and other specialty chemicals. There is a 50,000 square meters of production base in Heze Coal Chemical Industry Park; this base provides good production conditions for the integration of production, education and research of products due to complete facilities and equipments. At the same time, our company establishes good cooperative relations with many specialized manufacturers of China, thus we have good abilities to provide a full range of supply guarantee for the stability, environmental protection and safety of product's production, quality and transportation. Under the supports of well-established sales network and skilled sales team, we are not only the supplier of high-quality water-soluble/oil-soluble azo initiators and other supporting specialty chemicals, but also have successfully become the agent of quality products of famous brands such as WAKO, Dupont, AKZO, SOLVAY, KPSS, LONZA and Rhodia, etc. As an ISO9000 quality system approved company, we enjoy powerful guarantees to provide quality products and excellent services.

    We lay great stresses both on technological innovation and the development of our business. Now, we have established cooperative relationships with well-known universities such as Qingdao University of Science and Technology and Zhejiang University, etc.; at the same time, we also established a broad cooperative and communicative relationship with US TYGER and experts to provide the best quality products and excellent and professional technical service. Taking the advantages of our company on Qingdao port and HR fully, we actively develop the foreign trading and expand our market. Now, our products are well sold in Southeast Asia, America and Europe, and well-received and highly appraised by our customers.

    Sticking to such business idea of "quality-focused, excellent service", we'd like to establish a broad cooperation with customers all over the world for mutual benefits. Together, we will create a bright future!

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